“Lisa helped me have the most beautiful birth that my daughter, husband and I were so supposed to have: graceful, loving, I dare say fun, and totally drama-free.”

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I’m here to remind you of your own power. Just like every woman since the beginning of time, you know exactly what to do. You already have all the wisdom you need, I’m just here to remind you of it. I will ease your fears, guide you through the endless information to a birth plan right for you, and be a presence of non-judgmental love and support for you and your developing family.

Of course friends and family are invaluable, but their own emotions and connections to you can sometimes make it hard for them to see what you may really need. They’re invested in a way that can cloud even the best intentions and can make it hard for you to let yourself be taken care of. And that’s okay, it’s not their area of expertise and it’s why doula care comes in handy. I’m happy to assist with your birth wherever or however you want it to take place. More than where or how, what I believe matters most is that a woman feels safe. So no matter where or how you want to be giving birth, I’ll make sure you feel secure and comfortable.

It’s also important to note that I’m not here to take the place of a medical expert and will defer to doctors, midwives, nurses and also your personal wishes when it comes to your health. I am here to offer guidance, support and to share what I’ve learned from my own doula training and experience. You are free to do with it whatever you’d like and I will honor your decisions. And when they’re tough decisions, I’ll help you get clear on what it is you truly believe is best despite what anyone else may think. I will never force you into anything, but will be there to offer options, considerations and compassion. After all, this journey is about taking care of you! Pregnancy can be one of the most affirming, strengthening, magical things you’ll ever do, and I’m here to hold your hand.