Approach (The LJ Way)

There’s no way to know what kind of labor you’ll have, so our time together will be spent building your confidence and increasing your comfort around whatever may come; it’s like training for a race. I’ll equip you with tools like meditation and relaxation through prenatal yoga techniques, soothe your muscles with massage, teach you how to nourish your body with what to eat during pregnancy, and I will arm your mind with knowledge with what to expect when expecting.

We’ll spend time together before the big day, so that during the actual childbirth I’ll be able to feel into what will be most helpful. In some cases, it can be a comforting, silent presence; in others, it’s providing steady physical relief, encouraging movement and vocalization, or offering breathing exercises and birthing positions to relieve the intensity of your uterine contractions. I know when to get out of the way, never intruding or disrupting, and when to step in, not only during labor but also throughout your pregnancy and introduction to motherhood with your newborn baby.

I will also there to support your partner by offering suggestions and encouragement on how to support you. And of course I’ll prepare you for the first few days, weeks and months of becoming a mom. I’m here for you, before, during and after the birth for whatever you need, and however long you need it. Learn how The LJ Way has helped other moms »