Mom by LJ is here to nurture
you in whatever way you need,
mom to be, through an array of boutique doula services in Portland.

Our Purpose

What does a doula do? It’s simple. I’m here for you, mom to be. No two women are alike, nor are their pregnancies. As a prenatal, birth, and postpartum doula, I cultivate personal relationships with each woman I care for so I can anticipate what you’ll need, and what will best help you to navigate the insanely magical experience of having a baby with as much grace, health and joy as possible.

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or not, every woman needs extra care and support during what can be an incredibly trying experience. The pain and discomforts brought about by changes in weight, posture, digestion, etc. within your pregnant body are common, but absolutely manageable. My role as your doula is to teach you how to relax and take care of yourself so that you feel healthy and strong in mind, body and spirit before, during and after the birthing adventure. When a mom to be feels safe, respected, honored and loved, the results are always positive. That’s why I emphasize support and empowerment in every step we take together.

Approach (The LJ Way)

I put myself in your shoes and think, “what would I want my doula to do if I were in her shoes right now?” Since we’ve spent time together before your baby’s big day, I am able to feel into what would be most helpful throughout your childbirth. Read More


Just like every woman since the beginning of time, there is something inside of you that knows exactly what to do. As your doula, I’m here to remind you of your own power, and to help you listen to your inner voice so that you can do what is right. Read More