Her presence was so soothing and loving. Her touch was full of calming energy and protection.


Prenatal & Birth Doula

I am here to assist in whatever capacity you need me. I can help you clarify and envision your ideal birth plan, answer any pregnancy or labor questions you may have along the way, and teach you and your partner ways to make early labor contractions as comfortable as possible. As your labor contractions begin, I can be there with you the entire time using hands on massage techniques, as well as movement, and breath and sound instruction to help you through the incredible rite of passage that is childbirth.

I am also entirely available to stay with you after the baby arrives until you feel comfortable and secure with your new family. A few days following the birth, I’ll come check on you and your newborn baby, and discuss postpartum support options in the months that follow.

Postpartum Doula Services

As a postpartum doula, I am available to come to your home for a few hours at a time and help with whatever you need. Sometimes that might mean running errands, light cleaning or preparing food,or delivering meals, while at other times it may involve helping to care for your newborn so Mom can rest. I can offer postnatal massage and gentle or restorative yoga instruction. Postpartum support varies widely and is difficult to anticipate until your baby actually arrives, so we can figure out what’s best together when the time comes.

Mom by LJ postpartum visits are usually a minimum of 4 hours each, and come in packages of 20, 40 and 100 hours.


  1. The Happy Mama

    Our most basic mom-to-be package includes:

    • 2 prenatal visits where we will discuss everything from your ideal birth plan to how labor works and what to expect when your baby arrives.
    • 2 prenatal massages at my office.
    • Unlimited availability-24/7, via phone, text or email for any questions or concerns you may have before your baby arrives. I will be available day or night for continuous care during labor and delivery, and until you’re comfortable, settled and ready for some privacy and rest. This can be from 12-48 hours before birth and 1-3 hours after childbirth or longer, depending on your situation.
    • 1 postpartum visit to celebrate your successful childbirth and answer any questions like, “what was that?,” review basic breastfeeding benefits and procedures, and make any necessary referrals and/or postpartum help recommendations to keep you as comfortable as possible.
    • 1 postpartum massage for which I will come to you, of course! Labor is a lot of work for the entire body. You’ll be exhausted and sore and won’t believe how much this will help you.
  2. The Pampered Mama

    This package includes everything in The Happy Mama package, plus:

    • 2 additional massages at my office (prenatal or postnatal massages).
    • 4 private yoga sessions at your home. (prenatal or postnatal yoga classes).
    • 1 postpartum meal delivery, or in-house meal preparation.

    This service is especially recommended for those who want to learn some pointers on breastfeeding nutrition and/or just want the house to smell great! My cooking is 100% wholesome, nutritious and tailored to your particular palette and dietary needs with the best ingredients and lots of love.

  3. The Mama Supreme

    This package includes everything in The Pampered Mama package, plus:

    • Weekly prenatal massage
    • Weekly private prenatal yoga instruction
    • 1 health counseling session to address your unique nutritional needs
    • 3 additional postpartum massages
    • 1 additional postpartum food delivery, or meal prepared for you in your home. We’ll cover all you need to know about prenatal nutrition, plus quick, easy and healthy food options and recommendations for any specific health concerns OR 1 private cooking lesson with focus on prenatal nutrition, first foods for baby, feeding the family with quick, easy and nutritious meals, and caring for a child (or yourself) with food sensitivities.

    Cost dependent on how many weeks out you’d like to have, and how much extra cooking, home massages, and private yoga instruction you desire postpartum.

Additional Services Available a la Carte

Prenatal & Restorative Yoga

Yoga celebrates the union of the physical and the spiritual, so what could be more appropriate for motherhood? I bring a lively and informed combination of ancient wisdom to my yoga instruction, as well as a healthy dose of my own spirit. I teach so that you may discover your tremendous strength, capacity for relaxation and inner spirit. I am a graduate of Kelly Morris’ Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training Program and both Mia Borgatta  (MA Yoga) and Mary Barnes’ (Yoga for Two) prenatal teacher trainings. I have taught throughout New York City, at the Wanderlust Festival and on yoga retreats worldwide. Whether you want to restore or sweat we can figure out the best yoga practice for you.

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapy

As an innately tactile and intuitive person, I recognized the healing power of touch early in life and began actively studying the wisdom of the body at the Oregon School of Massage and then sought further training in India as a doctor’s apprentice. In Pune, India I spent six months learning and practicing massage in the classic tradition of Ayurveda (a Sanskrit word meaning “science of life”). I believe massage is a way to offer love and healing to the whole being (and the being growing inside you!). I massage to help relieve pain and discomfort, and to help you feel calm and at ease with your body.

Nutrition Counseling & Meal Preparation

I have studied nutrition through the National College of Natural Medicine, The Heartwood Institute and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. For over eight years, I have been helping parents and families feel energetic, happy and balanced though nutritious eating. I have been cooking since before I was tall enough to see over the stove. Sure, my repertoire has expanded since the days of omelets, French toast, macaroni and cheese and snicker doodles, but my love for feeding people delicious and healthy food has never gone away. Few things make me happier than turning the most unlikely suspects onto kale and quinoa!

Nutrition during pregnancy is very important for all moms to be. Pregnancy is also usually the time when most women decide that they want to bump up their nutritional intake and improve upon their healthy eating practices. My nutritional counseling will teach moms to be how to have a healthy pregnancy for optimal baby health and how to feed their blooming family in the future. Most women also have many questions about the suggested nutrition requirements for a healthy pregnancy diet and for proper breastfeeding nutrition. I’m able to help you wherever you are, whether you want to learn the ropes of shopping for staple items, recreate recipes with healthier foods, or someone who really wants to just learn how to cook healthy meals. Or I can even offer meal preparation services for you if that’s what you’re into.