Lisa as your doula will be your protector, your best friend, sister, and mother all rolled into one.

Meet Lisa

Lisa Jacobson is a Portland, Oregon based doula. She exudes and embodies calm, care and compassion. It’s in her soul and her experience. Everything she has ever done professionally has related to taking care of women’s health and bodies. She is a trained massage therapist, and has practiced prenatal massage in one of Portland, Oregon’s oldest and most esteemed alternative health clinics as their leading prenatal massage therapist.

She has also studied and taught family nutrition at New York City’s prestigious Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and worked as a health counselor specializing in prenatal and newborn care. Her additional experience as a private chef, head chef for IIN, and nanny for three families for over ten years makes her intimately familiar with nurturing all aspects of a person and their family. Lisa is also a certified yoga instructor with prenatal training.

KindMama_BookLisa’s work has been praised in Alicia Silverstone’s book, “The Kind Mama” (available at most book stores and on Amazon). Ms. Silverstone calls Lisa a “groovy doula,” who coaches and cares for women as they transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Her unique blend of passion, personality and holistic pampering, the book goes on to say, brings a fresh, modern twist to a centuries-old practice; one that’s been proven to, among a host of other benefits, contribute to a 50% decline in Caesarean births. See what Lisa can do for you »